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I've always been an artist. I love color − can't resist it. I drew all the time when I was a little kid and I still remember the thrill when my usual box of 16 color Crayolas was finally replaced with a much coveted 64 color box.

I haven't changed − which you would see if you looked in my studio.

I earned my BFA in Painting in 1974, gaining experience in printaking along the way. I have remained a working artist throughout my life. Once, a long time ago in the midst of an attack of massive self doubt I tried to quit being an artist − I lasted six months before the compulsion to MAKE something was too strong to ignore. I learned something invaluable from this−I am definitely an artist whether I ever pick up a paint brush again. It's in my heart.

Most of my work has been two dimensional. Other than the occasional sculpture or mixed media piece, I have worked in paint mediums − oil, acrylic and pastel (technically considered a paint medium in the art world due to it's consisting almost completely of powdered pigment). I've worked in many scales, making pieces ranging in size from 5" x 7" to murals in private homes and commercial and public sites.

Summer of 2006 I discovered polymer clay and became enamored of it. I make jewelry with it, a new turn of events for me. I like to combine it with other materials sometimes − usually semi precious beads. Now I'm learning another new material, precious metal clay and infusing that with the polymer jewelry.

My biggest source of inspiration comes from color and pattern. It often happens when I'm outside−cloud, sky, water, mountains, leaves, flowers, butterflies, animals, fish, birds, morning light, evening light, patterns, textures−if I pay attention in a special way it sparks my inner creator. I like to abstract and enhance the patterns and colors I see. As an artist, I'm really all about color.

I love making this work. I hope you love seeing it. If you wish to purchase a piece or have any questions, please email me at info@skyeheart.com

Marcia Colquhoun (pronounced kol-hoon in case you were wondering!)